Connecticut is the nearest New England state to New York, Pennsylvania and points south for a short getaway. Full of waterfalls, iconic sceneries, adventures, shopping fun, etc. We began our weekend-getaway from an old community at the mouth of the Connecticut River called “Old Saybrook”. A charming town, which owns the Saybrook Breakwater LighthouseIt is a spark-plug lighthouse built in 1886 and located in Connecticut. (The nearby lighthouse is simply called the Lynde Point Light, is 75 years older than Oldsaybrook lighthouse). 

~Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday everyday can end beautifully~ 
Kristen Butler
Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully
~ Kristen Butler ~

Just a short drive from the lighthouse we found this great seafood restaurant “The Back Porch”. Beautiful panoramic river views & live music added more taste to the food. Find outdoor seating to enjoy the river view.

Check out “Black Hall Outoutfitters”. This is an amazing place to enjoy if you love kayaking. We almost got lost out way back and took another half an hour to find our way. It was our mistake to take the wrong turn, but enjoyed all the same. This is a nice place to go during this pandemic and they are working with the State to ensure that their protocols and procedures keep everybody safe while we all get some much-needed relief.

Top: (Forever21) Short: (OLD Navy)

After our adventure, we made our way back to the hotel, stopped by this delicious Italian food mart (Deli) Singing bridge food market on the way for lunch. Fresh and yummy!

After the good heavy lunch we wandered down to the amazing Wadsworth waterfall and explored its majesty. Located in Middletown CT, It is an hour away. As we were coming close to the end of a 3.7 mile hike we begin to hear the roar of the waterfall Eco in the canopy and soon we reach the falls to see a wonderful view. Awe struck, we sit and enjoy the view as our legs get soaked in the cold luscious free flowing water. It is difficult to describe the view in words and hence I took pictures for y’all to see through my eyes. If I had to describe the falls geographically, this falls is much wider than it is high and it has a large volume of water passing over it. You can see fishes swim in the little pond created by the falls. The clarity of the water will leave you speechless. It will be a bit of an adventure if you decide to hike in the park to find the fall. The hike is hard but the view definitely worth it.

We had a mouth-watering desi cuisine at Nina’s Desi Kitchen, a family-run restaurant and very high quality. Click here to read the full story.

Next is one of my personal favorite, the amazing Elizabeth rose Garden at West Hartford CT. This rose garden is located in the center of Elizabeth Park – Hartford, CT. It is the first municipal rose garden in the USA and the third largest rose garden in the country.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman-

Are you a fan of spicy south Indian food? If so, then visit the “Godavari”, for a unique experience consisting of Indian flavor with South Indian spices and herbs. After viewing the beauty of Elizabeth Rose Garden, it was time to eat some great Hyderabadi biryani. Where else can someone go other than Godavari Indian Restaurant. This chain isn’t simply called the best. The food was outstanding and one of the best shrimp starter I have ever had.

My last destination of my weekend-getaway spot had to be my best to be remembered forever. If there is something called underrated, I tell you Connecticut is underrated. The nature here never fails to inspire, influence, and move you. After a filling lunch, I wandered down to The Devil’s Hopyard State Park & Falls. Finding the falls was a bit difficult since there is no cell phone service in the middle of a forest. We highly recommend you to download offline Gmaps or carry a map of the state park.

Also don’t forget to carry a bug repellent, YOU WILL NEED IT. Go on a weekday, it is much more peaceful, there would be no crowd like the weekends would. Coming to the waterfall, oh yes! you heard that right! waterfall. It is the place were I go, not just to feel, but to be free. The water flowing through my hair, the chill running through my spine, the power running through my fingers as I wave my hand in the water against the flow, and sitting under the waterfall to feel the force of mother nature.

I must say!! waterfalls are the best to visit anytime of the year no matter what the weather is, but it does matter if you have had a hectic week and you need a place to soak your head in.

This is our first time trying “Cheese Cake – passion fruit tart “, only from Cafe Himalaya, Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant which brings the taste of Himalayas to New York. (Click on the link to read the full story ). It was a sweet little treat to ourselves at the end of the trip.

Travel Tips: Open a “Choice Privileges” account for free on Choicehotel.com and enjoy faster bookings, lower rates, free nights and exclusive rewards! (Personal Preference)

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Meriden. (Recently enrolled for the IHG rewards club, excited to see what they offer)

Most hotels do not require a lot from your credit card, all amenities most hotels offer are more than enough for a one night stay. Let me know what hotels and booking websites you prefer in the comment section.

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