I am a travel blogger, who loves fashion and photography. Weekends are my favorite, that gives me time off from my busy schedule to explore this beautiful country. I love to share my travel experiences, life’s fashionable moments and my passion for nature through this blog. Follow along with me on my journey.

Here’s my story,

 My passion lies in travelling and fashion. My camera captures all my memories, leading me to love travel blog and photography. I am a Physical Therapist by profession, working full-time for a living. That’s when weekend getaways became my wanderlust. I like to experience, learn, and live in the diversity of cultures across the country. Being in nature and breathing its fresh air is what I live for. Blogging became a hobby and later a part of me, a virtual ME. Throughout my journey, I will share my travel stories here and hoping to inspire my followers.

What am I

  • Made in Sri Lanka, living in the USA.
  •  An extrovert, traveler, and a fashion fanatic!
  • Full-time therapist I Weekend traveler.