Just Breathe…

Just Breathe…

They say sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect, so I decided to condemn myself to solitude. A vacation that includes I, me, & myself. Away from my busy, periodic, & sequenced lifestyle. To forget about this pandemic we are in ( Still working on COVID unit at the facility), to free my soul, and fill it with peace & serenity.

         Several months ago I was browsing the web to find secluded spots to bind myself and I looked at this website thinking one day I will rent one of these cabins for my self for few nights. If you want to search for it please type as ‘Getaway house’, that will be the first option you’ll be getting.  Tiny cabins in the woods with everything you need. I fell in love with the big window that they have designed in to these tiny cabins at first sight.

          I booked this cabin right away thinking this pandemic will be over soon. I knew that the reservation will come on the heel of a busy work season, and I will have to be so ready to pack my stuff. I hopped in to the car after work and drove 2½ hours for about 120 miles to our destination. Along the way I got groceries from the local farmers market that would be sufficient for 4 days and 3 nights.
        I’m sure you want to know what I bought to survive! To say the least I am a minimalist and not a big foodie, but for heck of it I bought few things that I can binge on.

1. Pancake – 1 small box with syrup with strawberries
2. Coffee – Bustello
3. ½ a dozen of country eggs
4. ½ a pound of Turkey meatballs
5. ½ a pound of chicken breast
6. 1 loaf of bread
7. Kick’n Chicken (Southern spice)
8. A small squeezey siracha mayo

You see I bought groceries that were light and tasty and I knew I can do a lot of soul searching in the kitchen just by cooking myself out!

I arrived at the campground which wasn’t difficult to spot, but difficult to navigate within. I chose the original cabins situated in western Catskills Trust me it’s no cherry picking game navigating through the dark. Thank God for the marking of the cabins! Driving around I finally found mine! “Edward House”!! Around 5:00.PM-EST I slammed myself on the comfortable mattress, oh god I must say it is something to see out of the huge window as you drown to sleep! I woke up sometime after the power nap, fixed my self a quick dinner and began to watch a show that had me addicted to it no later than the very first episode just like it’s predecessor Breaking bad and the show is none other than “Better Call Saul”, a must watch I tell you!

        The next day I woke up had a shower and cooked some pancakes with strawberries and was hooked on to the show and periodically reading the novels left by the team. That same night I had myself clothed cozy in my winter clothes and decided to make a bonfire to make some lovely BBQ! That night was something out of a fairy tale! Coyoties hauling, birds chirping, the first day of the new moon with a star lit sky, cooking in the nature and everything by myself, no one to bother, no car sounds, no bosses to order, no disturbance whatsoever!

Writing, dancing, singing my lungs out through the night untill the fire went out! It was amazing and truly an experience one should have. I realized that the next day had to come with the mighty s’mores and some hot chocolate and it was meant to be!

As the days and nights went by, a feeling grew over me as such that nature’s stream washed the poison of myself and called me home again. This part of my life has truly connected me back with myself, my real self. A person who is an extrovert and loving. This period of soul searching has got the old self loathing pass by without the whisk of a call.

        My digital life was balanced during my stay at the Edward and I would recommend the minimal use of phones and laptops other than to call our parents and to watch movies. I tucked away my phone in the lock box and recommend the same to y’all.

I slept well,
Enjoyed the nature,
Relaxed as much as I could,
Cooked the most amazing dishes,
Re-discovered myself,
More than anything it felt like I was breathing again!

How to book this getaway
Please visit - https://getaway.house/
Also check out their offers included multi-night, student/ health workers and gift cards etc. for your loved once 

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Two-day Rhode Island Itinerary

“Rhode Island is a big vacation destination in a small package”

Rhode Island trip was my very first trip during COVID-19. The COVID-19 cases in NY were going down initially and the government permitted phase one reopening. I am a Physical Therapist by profession and obtained the opportunity to serve this community as a front-line medical professional during this pandemic. I am grateful and proud of what I have become over the years. As a medical professional working with the geriatric population, I have seen many sufferings and struggling during this hard situation and some leaving this world making our heart so heavy. After almost four months of on-going work, I decided to pack my bag and out of my work environment to have some peace of mind. Hiking, private sailing, and waterfalls were on my mind to avoid large crowds, also spent my getaways in a place where I can avoid wearing the mask which I was wearing more than 12 hrs. per day. 

Rhode Island (RI) was always on my bucket list of destinations. I am so attracted to the islands and the ocean since I was born and brought up on an island. Rhode Island is a big vacation destination and the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh least populous, but it is also the second-most densely populated.

Ocean Rocks near Cliff Walk, RI

One part of the island is connected to Connecticut and with Massachusetts from north and east. The Providence, one of the oldest cities of the USA, is the state capital of RI and the most populous city in RI. RI comes to life, especially during the summer. Beaches, parks, hiking trails, outdoor dining, water sports, and sunset sails are some of those experiences you will get to live during the summer vacation. However, I knew the gravity of the current situation can be different from all summer vacations that most visitors have experienced. But I was ready and determined to do what is needed. 

Cliff Walk, RI

I drove 3 hours and 17 min from New York to Newport RI where I can see my first destination, the famous Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is world-famous as a public access walk that combines the natural beauty of the Newport shoreline with the architectural history of Newport. One side of the walk is the panoramic ocean view with crashing waves of the ocean and the other side is full of stunning Gilded Age mansions.

Ocean Rocks near Cliff Walk, RI

It is a 3.5-mile walk from Memorial blvd to Bellevue Ave. I started my walk in the middle of the pathway, from Webster ST (public access point) until I reach the Scenic Ocean Views at the Cliff Walk passing the Ochre Point. After enjoying the stunning ocean views, I walked back to “The Forty Steps”, another beautiful landmark right next to the cliff walk.

“The Forty Steps” runs to the early 1800’s, and it was famous as a hangout place to servants that worked at all of the Newport mansions, during the Gilded Age.

Even though I wanted to head into the magnificent “The Breakers” the grandest of the Newport’s summer “cottages”, (Vanderbilt Mansion) it was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Forty Step” the famous stair case that goes down from the Newport Cliff-Walk to the water
A great place to smell the ocean air and to enjoy the ocean view, I don’t think anybody will be disappointed

Newport has a stunning sunset point and there is no better way to watch this phenomenal view than aboard a sunset sail. After strolling in the park and climbing over rocks I thought this would be the best way to enjoy my night. Booked tickets for Madeleine Sunset Sails at Classic Cruises of Newport. It was one hour to two hours long trip from Newport to Narragansett Bay, which sails by many historical points of interest along the waterfront including several estates, islands and lighthouses.

“Enjoy complimentary champagne and beer while basking in the warm glow of a beautiful sunset on Narragansett Bay.”

After the sail, I spent my Saturday night at “The Ocean Rose Inn” beach hotel with the oceanfront view, it has the perfect mix of nautical and traditional Victorian charm with convenient proximity to Newport and all that the area has to offer.  

            I recommend going to see the Twin Towers and enjoy the ocean at Narragansett, RI. The Twin Towers is a historical structure, the only remnant of the Narragansett Pier Casino built in the 1880’s. Granite fence around the beach will give you the best place to sit and enjoy the ocean view. Also, if you are fond of water surfing and swimming in the ocean enjoying the view, this would be the best place to be. 

Twin Towers, at Narragansett, RI

“Granite fence around the beach will give you the best place to sit and enjoy the ocean view

Visiting a gun range was on the cards, and I had a great first-timer experience at the range.  Firearms Unlimited Shooting Experience was a full-service gun store and indoor shooting range dedicated to serving the civilian, military, and law enforcement population. Only a few customers were allowed inside due to COVID-19 and they have taken all test and measure to navigate this crisis together. 

My trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting a waterfall, so I drove another 2 hr and 10 min to set foot on this beauty, “Doane’s Fall” at Royalston, MA. What to say “it was a blast !!”. Although the Falls was now owned by a private NGO, I was able to hike the trail and sink myself in its majesty. Doane’s Falls is one of the underrated attractions of Massachusetts and every wanderer should stop by to live it.

Doane’s Falls is one of the underrated attractions of Massachusetts and every wanderer should stop by to live it.

What I love about RI

IT’S SIMPLY AN ISLAND, that gave me the feeling of “My Motherland ~ Sri Lanka”



I love writing my incredible travel experiences, and putting it out there for the world to see the hidden gems I visit which aren’t far or close. Destination planning, checking every historical & political aspect, and collecting information of all those destinations is my priority. Since I travel on weekends, getting a rain-check is an integral part of the travel. Especially during summer times, as you never know when it is going to change.

I began the plan by booking the hotel, checking all the places I want to visit, and what I wanted to do. I love creating my travel itineraries, as it makes my weekend perfect just by looking at it. I was supposed to leave on Friday and go to the Mt Washington observatory, but realized it’s going to rain the whole weekend. Sadly, I couldn’t reschedule my bookings. Therefore, I decided to go on the trip anyway.

The trip began around 6:00 PM EST post work, hoping and praying everything’s going to be OKAY- Ahh!! timing is everything. I drove six and a half hours to reach my hotel “Mt Madison Inn and suites” at Mt Washington, Gorham.

The next day, Saturday, on our way to Franconia Notch State Park, we found this perfect breakfast place, nestled in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, ” Water Wheel Breakfast and Gift House.” They are known for their big pancakes (that are pretty huge), homemade fudge, and pure maple syrup. While I waited for my order, I strolled down into the gift shop to buy some souvenirs, which I have to say was pretty good. 

One who has traveled in NH will know that it is blessed with a low population and amazing landscapes! I must say… It is a blessing. Although NH welcomes several tourists and travelers, none of it has blighted the beauty of it. You will not find towering hotels nor any scammers. NH’s major attractions every year during their seasons are, hinting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and several other winter sports.

After my breakfast I began my journey to Franconia Notch State Park, but wait! I spotted one of the best views I have ever seen outside the silver screen!! I was at Cherry Mountain, Otto View. This was a treat! I recommend everyone to stop by and visit this wonderful location and enjoy your time there.

Cherry Mountain, Otto View

Franconia Notch State Park, located in the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire, Flume Gorge and Old Man of the mountains are the tourist attractions that one shouldn’t miss out! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state park had closed all access to the Old Man of Mountains, Echo and Profile lakes. I wasn’t discouraged and visited Flume Gorge, (paid attraction) which is a natural gorge (highly fractured granite) extending 800 ft horizontally at the base of Mount Liberty. 

Pathway to the Flume begins from ” The Table rock and The Flume Covered bridge (Kissing Bridge). Table Rock is a section of Conway granite that is 500 feet long and about 75 feet wide. According to resources, New Hampshire has a total of 66 covered bridges and each one of them has an unique structure and its own story. We found one covered bridge built in the year 1886 in Lincoln, NH over the Pemigewasset River at the junction of N.H. Route 175 and U.S. Route 3.

The Table Rock @ Flume Gorge
The Flume Covered Bridge AKA the Kissing Bridges

After visiting the Flume Gorge, I began my journey to “The Basin”! Yes, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in New Hampshire and is free to the public. Beneath a waterfall in the Pemigewasset River is a granite pothole which came about to bet the Basin.  Many people have described the basin in different ways, but I feel that it appears as if a white cascade tumbles into the basin and whirls around a rock shaped like a human foot. 

Since it is not allowed to swim in the Basin, I began hunting for a waterfall inside the park and at last I found a gem. When you turn and walk towards the Pemi trail you will pass by a small swimming hole, but when you have got to walk a little further until you find the carpeted road, right on the left you will find a small waterfall and a pool, which is a perfect area to enjoy your time. Water was so clear but also very cold. If the water was at the right temperature, swimming would have been much easier. Regardless, I dove into the swimming hole and saw plenty of fishes that swam past me, I believe they were little salmons. Beating all odds of the trip, I enjoyed the first day and spent the Saturday night at the Quality inn, North Conway

Mini Waterfall near The Basin
The Basin
Mini Waterfall near The Basin

Other than the city area, the cell phone service was poor in North Conway, NH. Often, I was checking my phone to make calls or connect to WIFI to discover places around the area to visit or to find restaurants. If you are visiting New Hampshire make sure you visit here to prepare yourself for what’s coming next, the key is to plan the trip well. 

My Sunday begins by visiting a place which is also a gem for NH. The White Mountain National Forest links the Vermont and Maine portions of the Appalachian Trail. This trail has the Mount Washington Auto Road, where visitors can drive to the top of 6,288-foot Mount Washington with scenic views. The Auto Road is not like other driveways, it is known for its distinctive flavors includes remarkable panoramic views and ever-changing weather extremes. It allows passing through four distinct climate zones as you climb to the highest peak in the Northeast.

Auto Road Scenic Views

We paid $55 (Car and the driver $35 and for each adult passenger add $10) to drive auto road for three people. (Be sure to check the website to know how much you will have to pay if you are planning to drive yourself.

Auto view Scenic views – mountain tops covered with clouds

The Mt Washington Observatory or the New England’s Weather Station is located at the summit of the tallest peak in the northeastern United States. If you are families with the New Hampshire’s weather you probably know that it’s called “World’s Worst Weather” and the observatory is tracking this worst weather for 24 hours for 365 days. However, this constantly changing weather adds more colors to this famous peak, attracting more visitors to the peak. We witnessed the dramatic could formation that changes in every second and high wind that makes you feels like you are in heaven.

Auto Road is truly one of the most spectacular drives in the Northeast! Don’t forget to stick the famous “This car climbed Mt. Washington” bumper sticker.

Sunday evening, I drove back to Jackson, NH to have the final glance at New Hampshire. Have you heard about this popular waterfall called ” Glen Ellis Falls”? Glen Ellis Falls is a very unique waterfall as it drops 64 feet down at an odd right angle. This trail starts under the highway and you will see steps to enter the trail and the viewing areas that have made up of granite. The trail begins with the Ellis river and disappears by making small waterfall which water then falls with high pressure through the Glen Ellis Falls. First, you will pass the top of Glen Ellis Falls, further down the trail, will find the base of the falls as you go down the steps. Probably due to the rain, it had so much water flowing, that I felt the rumble and its force. Such an incredible experience to feel mother nature’s brute force. If you visit this falls on the rainy season as we did, probably that view will get you scared or anxious. 

If you visit New Hampshire be sure to stop by any 99restaurant and try their unique Hot Buttered Lobster Roll seared with French fries and coleslaw or Broiled Sirloin Tips or Southwest Fajita Steak Bowl. I must tell their “Towering Midnight Fudge Cake” made my trip even much merrier.




Connecticut is the nearest New England state to New York, Pennsylvania and points south for a short getaway. Full of waterfalls, iconic sceneries, adventures, shopping fun, etc. We began our weekend-getaway from an old community at the mouth of the Connecticut River called “Old Saybrook”. A charming town, which owns the Saybrook Breakwater LighthouseIt is a spark-plug lighthouse built in 1886 and located in Connecticut. (The nearby lighthouse is simply called the Lynde Point Light, is 75 years older than Oldsaybrook lighthouse). 

~Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday everyday can end beautifully~ 
Kristen Butler
Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully
~ Kristen Butler ~

Just a short drive from the lighthouse we found this great seafood restaurant “The Back Porch”. Beautiful panoramic river views & live music added more taste to the food. Find outdoor seating to enjoy the river view.

Check out “Black Hall Outoutfitters”. This is an amazing place to enjoy if you love kayaking. We almost got lost out way back and took another half an hour to find our way. It was our mistake to take the wrong turn, but enjoyed all the same. This is a nice place to go during this pandemic and they are working with the State to ensure that their protocols and procedures keep everybody safe while we all get some much-needed relief.

Top: (Forever21) Short: (OLD Navy)

After our adventure, we made our way back to the hotel, stopped by this delicious Italian food mart (Deli) Singing bridge food market on the way for lunch. Fresh and yummy!

After the good heavy lunch we wandered down to the amazing Wadsworth waterfall and explored its majesty. Located in Middletown CT, It is an hour away. As we were coming close to the end of a 3.7 mile hike we begin to hear the roar of the waterfall Eco in the canopy and soon we reach the falls to see a wonderful view. Awe struck, we sit and enjoy the view as our legs get soaked in the cold luscious free flowing water. It is difficult to describe the view in words and hence I took pictures for y’all to see through my eyes. If I had to describe the falls geographically, this falls is much wider than it is high and it has a large volume of water passing over it. You can see fishes swim in the little pond created by the falls. The clarity of the water will leave you speechless. It will be a bit of an adventure if you decide to hike in the park to find the fall. The hike is hard but the view definitely worth it.

We had a mouth-watering desi cuisine at Nina’s Desi Kitchen, a family-run restaurant and very high quality. Click here to read the full story.

Next is one of my personal favorite, the amazing Elizabeth rose Garden at West Hartford CT. This rose garden is located in the center of Elizabeth Park – Hartford, CT. It is the first municipal rose garden in the USA and the third largest rose garden in the country.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman-

Are you a fan of spicy south Indian food? If so, then visit the “Godavari”, for a unique experience consisting of Indian flavor with South Indian spices and herbs. After viewing the beauty of Elizabeth Rose Garden, it was time to eat some great Hyderabadi biryani. Where else can someone go other than Godavari Indian Restaurant. This chain isn’t simply called the best. The food was outstanding and one of the best shrimp starter I have ever had.

My last destination of my weekend-getaway spot had to be my best to be remembered forever. If there is something called underrated, I tell you Connecticut is underrated. The nature here never fails to inspire, influence, and move you. After a filling lunch, I wandered down to The Devil’s Hopyard State Park & Falls. Finding the falls was a bit difficult since there is no cell phone service in the middle of a forest. We highly recommend you to download offline Gmaps or carry a map of the state park.

Also don’t forget to carry a bug repellent, YOU WILL NEED IT. Go on a weekday, it is much more peaceful, there would be no crowd like the weekends would. Coming to the waterfall, oh yes! you heard that right! waterfall. It is the place were I go, not just to feel, but to be free. The water flowing through my hair, the chill running through my spine, the power running through my fingers as I wave my hand in the water against the flow, and sitting under the waterfall to feel the force of mother nature.

I must say!! waterfalls are the best to visit anytime of the year no matter what the weather is, but it does matter if you have had a hectic week and you need a place to soak your head in.

This is our first time trying “Cheese Cake – passion fruit tart “, only from Cafe Himalaya, Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant which brings the taste of Himalayas to New York. (Click on the link to read the full story ). It was a sweet little treat to ourselves at the end of the trip.

Travel Tips: Open a “Choice Privileges” account for free on Choicehotel.com and enjoy faster bookings, lower rates, free nights and exclusive rewards! (Personal Preference)

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Meriden. (Recently enrolled for the IHG rewards club, excited to see what they offer)

Most hotels do not require a lot from your credit card, all amenities most hotels offer are more than enough for a one night stay. Let me know what hotels and booking websites you prefer in the comment section.