Just Breathe…

Just Breathe…

They say sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect, so I decided to condemn myself to solitude. A vacation that includes I, me, & myself. Away from my busy, periodic, & sequenced lifestyle. To forget about this pandemic we are in ( Still working on COVID unit at the facility), to free my soul, and fill it with peace & serenity.

         Several months ago I was browsing the web to find secluded spots to bind myself and I looked at this website thinking one day I will rent one of these cabins for my self for few nights. If you want to search for it please type as ‘Getaway house’, that will be the first option you’ll be getting.  Tiny cabins in the woods with everything you need. I fell in love with the big window that they have designed in to these tiny cabins at first sight.

          I booked this cabin right away thinking this pandemic will be over soon. I knew that the reservation will come on the heel of a busy work season, and I will have to be so ready to pack my stuff. I hopped in to the car after work and drove 2½ hours for about 120 miles to our destination. Along the way I got groceries from the local farmers market that would be sufficient for 4 days and 3 nights.
        I’m sure you want to know what I bought to survive! To say the least I am a minimalist and not a big foodie, but for heck of it I bought few things that I can binge on.

1. Pancake – 1 small box with syrup with strawberries
2. Coffee – Bustello
3. ½ a dozen of country eggs
4. ½ a pound of Turkey meatballs
5. ½ a pound of chicken breast
6. 1 loaf of bread
7. Kick’n Chicken (Southern spice)
8. A small squeezey siracha mayo

You see I bought groceries that were light and tasty and I knew I can do a lot of soul searching in the kitchen just by cooking myself out!

I arrived at the campground which wasn’t difficult to spot, but difficult to navigate within. I chose the original cabins situated in western Catskills Trust me it’s no cherry picking game navigating through the dark. Thank God for the marking of the cabins! Driving around I finally found mine! “Edward House”!! Around 5:00.PM-EST I slammed myself on the comfortable mattress, oh god I must say it is something to see out of the huge window as you drown to sleep! I woke up sometime after the power nap, fixed my self a quick dinner and began to watch a show that had me addicted to it no later than the very first episode just like it’s predecessor Breaking bad and the show is none other than “Better Call Saul”, a must watch I tell you!

        The next day I woke up had a shower and cooked some pancakes with strawberries and was hooked on to the show and periodically reading the novels left by the team. That same night I had myself clothed cozy in my winter clothes and decided to make a bonfire to make some lovely BBQ! That night was something out of a fairy tale! Coyoties hauling, birds chirping, the first day of the new moon with a star lit sky, cooking in the nature and everything by myself, no one to bother, no car sounds, no bosses to order, no disturbance whatsoever!

Writing, dancing, singing my lungs out through the night untill the fire went out! It was amazing and truly an experience one should have. I realized that the next day had to come with the mighty s’mores and some hot chocolate and it was meant to be!

As the days and nights went by, a feeling grew over me as such that nature’s stream washed the poison of myself and called me home again. This part of my life has truly connected me back with myself, my real self. A person who is an extrovert and loving. This period of soul searching has got the old self loathing pass by without the whisk of a call.

        My digital life was balanced during my stay at the Edward and I would recommend the minimal use of phones and laptops other than to call our parents and to watch movies. I tucked away my phone in the lock box and recommend the same to y’all.

I slept well,
Enjoyed the nature,
Relaxed as much as I could,
Cooked the most amazing dishes,
Re-discovered myself,
More than anything it felt like I was breathing again!

How to book this getaway
Please visit - https://getaway.house/
Also check out their offers included multi-night, student/ health workers and gift cards etc. for your loved once 

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